On May 1, 2011 , a group of Peruvian and Ecuadorian entrepreneurs that promotes the cultivation of Sacha Inchi in 1,200 hectares and 1,000 farmers joined forces to carry out.

Ecuomega Proyect.

This project seeks to develop a profitable, sustainable business and sustainable action, with a high component social and economic impact to ensure the cultivation of Sacha Inchi farmers and industrialization in Ecuador.


To help improve the nutrition and health of the population of the planet and Ecuador as well as improve the quality of life of agricultural population linked to the project.


RANGUPACORP S.A. will be the leader in the world market for oil and protein meal Sacha Inchi. You have the highest share in the international market with oils and proteins of the highest quality, positioned with its own brand.


Business success is based on the practice of values throughout the organization and process efficiency , all in a permanent quest for excellence.

  • Institutional: attitude, respect and discipline.
  • Floor: cleanliness, order and quality.
  • Personal: honesty, fairness and transparency.


Striving for excellence in all members of the organization:

  • Achieve high economic yields fairly shared.

  • Contribute to the quality of life of farmers and their families.

  • Promote development poles from the production chain Sacha Inchi.

  • Environmental protection by promoting organic farming Sacha Inchi.

  • Contribute to world food production looking for the best quality oils and protein meal for human consumption.

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