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100 % vegetable oil , extracted from the seed of Sacha Inchi.

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Processed oil from seeds of Sacha Inchi . Find it in bottles and capsules. (Read more)

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  • Winning three times gold medal in the “Oil World” competition held in Paris in June 2004, 2006 and 2009. 
  • SIAL International Food Fair in France. Oil and protein recognition Sacha Inchi as international trend and innovation.
  • Top Innovations of ANUGA at the International Fair ANUGA held in 2005 in Germany.


“My daughter Maria Emilia was detected high cholesterol problems at 5 years old. After trying several home methods without encouraging results, she started taking the Ecuomega Sacha Inchi oil achieving decrease symptoms and regulating her cholesterol. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.”

Carolina Dávalos de Aguilera

Guayaquil, Ecuador

I recommend taking the Ecuomega oil and thus be able to benefit from the properties that seeds of Sacha Inchi have for our health.

Dr. Miguel Ojeda

Surgeon, Ecuador

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Social Impact


One of the goals of the company is that most of the crops reach the nomination of “organic”, for which we are already working with farmers who have crops on lands that have not used insecticides and / or chemical pesticides in a first stage, and giving “technical advice” to many other farmers to route their crops to the classification of “organic”.

The production of “organic products” is a shared interest of the Company and consumers demanding from Europe, United States and Canada among others, which should allow additional income throughout the value chain on the basis of free healthy products chemical and biological contamination.


One of the fundamental principles of the company is shared fairly achieve high yields. The Ecuomega project will work , influence and ensure that the value chain of Sacha Inchi , constituted by the farmer, the industrial and the marketer , have reasonable results that ensure harmonious economic growth and development along the entire chain:  


  1. Contribute to the quality of life of farmers and their families , paying competitive , attractive and fair prices for the seed of the Sacha Inchi.
  2. Promote development poles from the production chain Sacha Inchi.
  3. Environmental protection by encouraging the natural cultivation of Sacha Inchi.
  4. Contribute to world food production looking for the best quality oils and protein meal for human consumption.

The company has developed the technology package of Sacha Inchi in Ecuador, adapting to the soil structure of the country. This package allows the farmer to obtain high yields, the aim being to reach 4 tons per hectare, with clean techniques of chemicals, fertilizers and natural insecticides used, in order to achieve the qualification of “natural farming”.

The company provides “technical assistance”, providing seeds, making periodic visits and giving directives for farmers to get crops Sacha Inchi with the category of “natural” free of chemical contamination (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and bactericides).

The Company seeks to “improve health practices and habits” of families of farmers through training, technical visits scheduled and supervision.

The company also “ensures the purchase of agricultural production” through contracts with farmers, which will add to the Ecuadorian government effort in promoting the cultivation started in 2012.

Finally, in the near future, farmers, taking advantage of the regularity of the revenue generated by the sale of Sacha Inchi to the company, from the ninth month of being sown.

The harvest from this beginning is made weekly and the company and / or financial institutions may provide financing for:

1. Extension of cultivos.- That allows increase revenue

2. Improving agricultural infrastructure and sanitaria.- To improve productivity and quality of Sacha Inchi and other crops, thereby improving their income.

3. Improve Housing and Use of technology.- The idea is to promote decent housing prototypes properly equipped (kitchen, bathrooms, furniture, television, internet) to ensure a more stringent hygiene and improved quality of life.


In Ecuador there is a great need for unsaturated fatty acids, since the average diet of Ecuadorians has a very high content of (unhealthy) saturated fats and carbohydrates, as evidenced by excessive intake of fried foods, red meat, banana fried (banana chips, fried plantains, mature), rice, with little habit of consumption of fresh vegetables (salads).

Everything described causes the population has high levels of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Oil Sacha Inchi help in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as child nutrition, which requires essential way Omega 3. In the very short term throughout Ecuador and the world will know the benefits of Sacha Inchi for its properties as it happened in Peru and in countries like Spain, France, Germany, etc., who have conducted research studies.

In this regard, the company will develop campaigns to achieve collective consciousness in the population collaborating with institutions that work to improve the quality of human life by encouraging more balance in the current pattern of food consumption with the introduction of unsaturated fat and flour quality and as a culture of sport and exercise.


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